September 11, 2014

"Say You Love Me" - Jessie Ware

This video is too bland for words, but the song is such perfection. And I still say it’s one of the best pop songs of 2014 so far. Obsession. 

August 27, 2014

"Go" - Grimes ft. Blood Diamonds

Can we just talk about how, well, dreamy this song is? Okay. (I’m personally glad Rihanna passed it up; it better suits Grimes anyhow.)

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August 25, 2014

"Break the Rules" - Charli XCX

She gives me endless life.

August 11, 2014

"Attak" - Rustie ft. Danny Brown

Can we please just get an entire collaborative project between these two already? Because this is killer.  

July 16, 2014

"Hunger of the Pine" - alt-j

I don’t know about you, but I am very excited about this new alt-j record.

July 15, 2014

"Gunshot" - Lykke Li

This song, this video. Nothing but goosebumps.

July 11, 2014

"Julia / (Tender)" - SZA

Her Z EP was so damn good. Obsession.

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July 8, 2014

"Tough Love" - Jessie Ware


June 24, 2014

"Two Weeks" - FKA twigs

Queen of the Damned. Obsession.

June 17, 2014

"Shades of Cool" - Lana Del Rey


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