September 24, 2012

"Stay The Night" - Green Day

So…about that repulsive impulse — well, regardless of the decades-long hold it has had over Billie Joe, it makes for some of Green Day’s hardest hitting music. Substance abuse may destroy the mind and body, but it’s fuel for creativity. I’ll admit, I sensed something was off with Billie Joe and it had nothing to do with his “I’m not fucking Justin Bieber!” rant. Remember when I mentioned that somewhere in between 21st Century Breakdown and now Green Day rediscovered their swagger, but I couldn’t pinpoint when? Well, it was when Billie Joe started using again. Plain and simple.

I keep hearing so many critics express disappoint in Billie Joe, but I will never judge someone for their struggles. Ever. I will always be proud of Billie Joe. He is, first and foremost, an excellent father and husband. The fact that he is seeking help for this addiction — which has plagued him since he was a teenager — is proof of that. Nothing Billie Joe, or the rest of Green Day, could say or do will ever let me down. I owe them my life, and I’m proud to say they’ve been a part of said life for its entire duration.

I also could not be prouder of ¡Uno! It’s up there with their best and has me on the edge of my seat for the rest of this ambitious trilogy. “Stay the Night” is tentatively my favorite song on the album (that will change in an hour) and I love the minimalist approach they took for this video. It mirrors the video they shot for “Nuclear Family,” and is a nice follow-up to the high-class rock ‘n’ roll videos they released for “Oh Love" and "Kill the DJ.” So, in conclusion, please show some love to my boys and pick up their album. And if you don’t buy for it, for fuck’s sake, just please fucking listen to it. That is my one request.

June 14, 2012

Green Day: ¡Uno! Official Album Trailer

So this morning I awoke to a lovely little email from the Idiot Club, Green Day’s official members-only fan club, announcing that an official album trailer and cover art for the first installment of Green Day’s new trilogy was now available for my viewing. Naturally, I let out a slight squeal, called my mother, and logged in. Luckily, the trailer can now be accessed by the general public and I am able to share it. The song featured in the trailer is unlike anything I’ve ever heard from Green Day. It has a very Lo-fi psychedelic sound infused with the band’s signature punk attitude, much like their side project/alter ego The Foxboro Hot Tubs. Needless to say, September 25 will be a very special day for me. 

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